Klaang in Star Trek Enterprise - Broken Bow


The Klingon Homeworld has several names. It is most commonly known as Qo'nos. Pronounced: Kronos.

Klingons are recognized as warriors. They're like the Spartan's in Greek Mythology. If they fled from a battle, returned home empty handed or injured and taken back to Qu'nos, it would be dishonorable.  In Star Trek: The Origanal series Klingons didn't have the ridges on their forhead. But as technology grew, the ridges came. In Star Trek Enterprise one of the episodes involves Doctor Phlox being captured and taken into Klingon space. He finds out that their was a disease that was killing thousands of Klingons. The disease reduced the ridges into nothingness. The Klingons in The Origanal series are 'mutant' Klingons. No offence to them. 

As this species are portrayed as a warrior culture, their Starships are usually depicted as warships, heavily armed with a variety of partical beam weaponry and antimatter warheads. Many Klingon ships also use cloaking technology to hide the vessal from veiw.