Engineer Sapphire Archer: Basic InfoEdit

Birth Date: 7th August 2127                                                                                                                    

Sapphire Archer
Vital statistics
Position Deputy Chief on the NX-01 Enterprise
Age 25
Status Human
Physical attributes
Height 5"11
Weight Unknown

Family: Captain Jonathan Archer - Cousin

Paula Gray - Mother (deceased)

Sapphire Archer

Engineer Sapphire Archer

Peter Archer - Father

James Archer - Brother Hair colour: Golden blonde                       

Eye colour: Sapphire blue         

Crush: Commander Tucker

Sapphire's StoryEdit

When she was 11, her mother was murdered on the December the 5th during school hours. Sapphire came home that day to find her older brother sat on the sofa. He told her what happened. She called her dad and he came home. They moved to Texas on New Years day. Two years later, they moved back to San Fransisco, where her brother got a job as a teacher in a newly opened Elementry. At the age of 19, Sapphire started her military and survival training. By the time she was 23, she was an engineer on a cargo ship. Admiral Forest saw her talent and took her back to Earth when she was 24. There, she worked on the finishing touches on the Enterprise with Captain Archer and Commander Tucker.


Sapphire is kind, caring, gentle and protective. When she knows that someones in danger, she wants to help them. Friend or someone she doesn't get along with, she would do anything in her power to save them.She would sacerifice herself to save her crew, friends and family. She's loyal, smart, steady handed, athletic, fun to be around and trustworthy. This makes her a good friend. 

However, when it comes to Charles "Trip" Tucker III, she feels awkward. She likes him being in the Chief Engineer. He makes her feel at home. Whenever he talkes to her, she feels warm and fuzzy. Her eyes sparkles when she's around him. Is this love that she's feeling?

What the crew of the NX-01 Enterprise think about herEdit